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Measurement & Machine Technology

Service for All Machine Tools - CNC & Manual
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What makes us different?

We are not the typical machine tool laser calibration service company, most of the time you get a technician that can set up the LASER system (while you program the machine) take some data and print out the results, if you are extremely lucky he will be able to adjust the CNC control parameters to improve out of tolerance positioning and backlash; typically that is the extent of their expertise. When you call us to do your calibration you get a hands-on experienced technician. We are capable of setting up the Laser (of course) writing and entering programs to the control and running most CNC Machines on the market today. There are times when we need help with the programming but those cases are very rare. After we compile the accuracy data we decide how to approach the compensation; we then enter the compensation file and re-shoot the machine to confirm the results.
Along with experience setting up and running our BallBar and Laser Calibrator Systems we own, we bring our mechanical alignment expertise. We have many years of hands on experience with various aspects of mechanical inaccuracies that impact your final product. Leveling the machine and adjusting the axes for alignment when needed is just one aspect of what we can do. On-Site repair is where we can differentiate our service from the others. We have removed table slides, saddle axis, and spindle heads in order to replace the worn and / or damaged Linear Guides or slide way material (Turcite), hand scraping it to “New Machine Tolerances”. When needed (and asked) we have removed ball screws, send them out for rebuild and reinstall in a matter of days not multiple weeks. Well-rounded experience with machine tools is where we separate our service from the others.

Thinking out of the box is normal around here!

Our Alignment and Calibration Procedure.

Outlined below you will find the general steps taken by Measurement & Machine for evaluation of Manual and CNC Machine Tools. Please take a moment to look it over and see how thorough we will be with your machine, keeping in mind this is our general outline of step taken in the evaluation. We adapt our process to the individual machine and specific customer requirements. Contact us for an estimate specific to your needs.

  1. Retract way covers to expose way surfaces.
    • inspect way surfaces for wear, evaluate way oil function, and access to gibs, etc.
  2. Check and adjust machine “earth” level on way surfaces.
    • Proper leveling is done on the way surface eliminating potential table top inaccuracies
  3. Check and adjust gibs all axes. (as required)
    • Done before any further measurements to eliminate “False” readings.
  4. Check ball screws for backlash and end play.
  5. Indicate “Auxiliary Ways” for alignment. (if so equipped)
  6. Inspect straightness on each axis.
  7. Verify squareness between axes.
  8. Examine parallelism between axes.
  9. Check spindle head “tram” and spindle run out.
  10. Analyze basic spindle function.
    • Spindle vibration and RPM
    • Draw bar clamping force
  11. Laser Calibration X, Y, W, and Z axes.
    • compensation performed if requested
  12. Rotary Axis Calibration.
    • compensation performed if requested
    • special adapter may be required; supplied by customer to our specifications.
  13. Ballbar Analysis, before and after
    • customer supplied programming help may be required.
  14. Complete documentation included.

We do the Measurements and Adjustments!

Our technicians are HANDS-ON experienced and completely capable of performing all the adjustments needed. It is not uncommon for us to perform geometry adjustments during the evaluation. After the evaluation a plan of action can be formulated should any of the measurements be out of acceptable limits, allowing us to accurately estimate the amount of time needed for the complete optimization of your machine tool. Pitch error compensation optimizes the positioning accuracy but will not address the geometric alignment of your machine tool.

All Manufacturers, All Types of Machine Tools!

We have many years of hands on experience (over 85 combined) with alignment and calibration on an extremely large variety of machine tools, and do not have an affiliation with any manufacturer, or specialize on any certain make or model of machine. Basic principles of machine design cross all lines. Therefore, we can align and calibrate all your machine tools and give you the complete CERTIFIED results.