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Measurement & Machine Technology

Service for All Machine Tools - CNC & Manual
If we can measure it, we can fix it

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Measurement & Machine Technology
Our Equipment

We maintain the most up to date portable diagnostic equipment for our services and it meets or exceeds existing industry standards for Machine Tool Alignment, Laser Calibration and Certification. Our equipment is completely portable, we ship Nation Wide using FedEx Freight and can be on-site (depending on location) within days of first contact not weeks like most other machine tool service companies. Our experience enables us to do Standard and Special Machine Tool Alignment Nation Wide!

Measurement & Machine Technology
Our Shop Rate

Experienced and knowledgeable we excel when it comes to Machine Tool Alignment and Laser Calibration. With over 30 years of hands on experience across all types and sizes of machines we can bring your "OLD" machine tool back to life with "LIKE NEW" conditions, performing all the necessary mechanical & electrical / electronic adjustments and repairs necessary to optimize your machine tool regardless of the manufacturer. We take pride in our work, delivering fast and affordable services. We are experienced across all lines and machines.

A Small Sample of Machines we have worked on

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