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Measurement & Machine Technology

Service for All Machine Tools - CNC & Manual
Ball Bar and Laser Calibration

Ball Bar

The Renishaw QC20-W Ballbar is widely recognized as one of the finest CNC machine tool diagnostic / analysis tools available today; good news is that we are experienced in its operation and use. Ballbar analysis of your machine tool by our experienced technicians will not only help satisfy your quality documentation but give you the knowledge that your machine can cut good parts. We can perform the analysis and if by chance a problem is found we can use our equipment and experience to adjust and optimize your machine, thereby giving you complete confidence that your machine will produce good parts. In a very short time Ballbar Analysis of your machine tool by our experienced Alignment Technicians will show you the condition of your machine.

Do It Yourself Self-Test

When you have questions about why your machine is producing scrap you need some basic information about the condition of the machine itself. You can machine a “Master Template” that you can inspect and try to make sense out of what is causing scrap parts. Our “Self-Test” procedure might be a place to get started. When you decide to have the machine aligned and calibrated we would appreciate an opportunity to help.

Ball Screw Tensioning for Thermal Growth and Accuracy

Thermal growth of your ball screw can wreak havoc with your finished part accuracy. Variation of machining accuracy during normal operation can be caused by length deformation or “Thermal Growth” of your ball screw. If you are constantly editing your program, work coordinates or tool offset during your work day; you might just have a ball screw that needs to be re-tensioned. If you have the skilled manpower, I have included a basic procedure to do the ball screw tensioning yourself. If however you do not have available maintenance technicians we would welcome the opportunity to do it and laser calibrate your machine as well.

Rotary Axis Calibration

Experienced in all aspects of machine tool calibration INCLUDING Rotary Axes! Positioning of your machines rotary axis is critical to part dimensioning. A rotary axis that is inaccurate; producing parts within tolerance is tedious and time consuming. Utilizing our Renishaw XL-80 Laser System combined with our automated Rotary Axis Calibrator “XR20-W” we analyze your rotary axes, evaluate the data and adjust the compensation tables to improve your machine tools rotary accuracy. You can feel confident when you contact us, we are hands-on for over thirty years and have laser calibrated many numerous CNC Machine Tools.

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Measurement & MachineTechnology
Know How:

We excel when it comes to Machine Tool Alignment and Laser Calibration, with 35+ years of hands on experience we can bring your “OLD” machine tool back to life with “LIKE NEW” or better than “NEW” conditions; we perform all the necessary mechanical & electrical / electronic adjustments necessary to optimize your machine tool, regardless of the manufacturer. In extreme cases we will when asked undertake the total geometry rebuild of your machine On-Site; saving you money and more importantly time with minimal disruption to your operation allowing you to overlook the entire project and see for yourself the progress first hand.
We are a small company with large company’s resources. Through strategic alliances, affiliations, and just plain cooperation we can deliver whatever your company may need in the area of precision machine tool services.
We are completely portable and bring to your site the necessary men and equipment to complete our task.

Here you see us final Leveling an Ingersol 50′ Traveling Column Floor Mill and starting setup for alignment of the “W” axis Saddle. Finally we Laser calibrate all axes and Certify the machine accuracy.