CNC Machine Tool Laser Calibration

On-Site Machine Tool Laser Calibration and CNC compensation is some of what we do. Our technicians are “hands-on” experienced in all aspects of machine tool alignment, repair, and CNC Machine Tool Laser Calibration with the ability to setup the laser system, program the CNC and adjust the compensation parameters to optimize the positioning accuracy of your machine tool. Increasingly your customers are asking for tighter tolerances and reduced costs, laser calibration will optimize the positioning accuracy of your CNC machine tool, letting you and your customers know that you can deliver top quality and reduced rates.

Positioning, Repeatability, and Geometric Accuracy (Squareness Between X-Y, Y-Z, Z-X) of your CNC machine tools are keys to your success. Utilizing the accuracy of our laser calibration systems (Renishaw and Keysight – formerly HP/Agilent), ballbar analysis, combined with the reliability of our conventional measuring tools we can completely analyze your machine tool, precisely adjust the alignments, laser calibrate your machine tool for accuracy, and certify the results!

Another Type of Machine Tool We Calibrate

We excel when it comes to Machine Tool Laser Calibration!

We fully understand that you need an accurate machine tool. Machine Tool Laser Calibration is what we do, we have years of hands-on experience with laser system setup on almost every type of machine tool available; we can adapt the laser system to any type of machine on the market. Our years of experience with the compensation of machine tools make us the go-to choice. With years of experience, we are able edit the “Pitch Error” parameters “inside” the control to adjust the compensation parameters as needed without outside help from another service technician, improving your machine tools’ positioning to “like-new” accuracy.

Machine Tool Laser Calibration will improve the performance of your machine tool, improve your product quality, enhancing your bottom line.

Here you see us doing the X axis laser calibration

Call us, we stand ready to help with all your CNC machine tool accuracy requirements!

Often times the Rotary Axes are overlooked – Let us Calibrate yours

Grob CNC rotary axis calibration

Many times, rotary axes are assumed to be accurate, which is not always true. By performing Laser Calibration on your rotary, we will ensure your Rotary Axes are performing to acceptable standards. On-Site machine tool rotary axis laser calibration and compensation by our experienced technicians will guarantee nothing is missed.

We found this damaged ball screw while doing an axis laser calibration, noticing unusual results during the laser calibration process we looked for the cause, we then showed the customer and were asked to perform the repair. The ballscrew was removed, sent out for repair, reinstalled in under two weeks (including the outside rebuild). We were then able to complete the laser calibration and compensation and deliver better than new results!

Damaged Turcite We Found During a Machine Tool Laser Calibration

During the routine laser calibration of this Mori Seiki MV-80 we experienced terrible results in the Z – Axis, after thorough investigation we found the Z – Axis binding (high amperage reading on axis motor) and squareness between axes Z – X & Z – Y  “out of tolerance”. After presenting our findings to the customer we were asked to undertake the repair. Above you see some of what we found. When finished with the repair we were able to finalize the laser calibration with “LIKE NEW” results.

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